8'x14' Greek/Roman Temple (Flat Graphic) Right

8'x14' Greek/Roman Temple (Flat Graphic) Right

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The graphic images included in this package are a set of four pieces that when printed and put together create this flat temple.

Temple front sample.jpg

This is NOT an actual 3D building, but a flat file rendered with appropriate lighting and shadows to appear 3D at a distance. The four pieces included are printable on 4 4'x8' sheets to be mounted (spray mounting recommended) on cardboard or whatever substrate you prefer, or just glued to a wall. The mounted graphics are meant to be taped together and reinforced with sticks of wood. Total dimensions, if printed and assembled at full-size, is 13'9"x8'

Temple back assembly.jpg

In case you are confused, the above image of the back should be flopped. I created this diagram for the back of the left temple, and am just putting it here as well as a general idea on how to assemble it.