Babylon: Ishtar Gate Stage Suite


Babylon: Ishtar Gate Stage Suite

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A suite of Graphics to make Old Babylon come alive! Images can be printed as poster enhancements to your set or as a full-sized stage design.

Babylon Suite:
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Purchase of these products will get you a DropBox link to download the appropriate files. There are no files attached to this purchase.

The full "Suite" includes the images seen below. These are very high-resolution files, designed for attaching to 4x8' frames or panels to create the entire stage design. Tower height is just a little over 11'. Archway is 7' high at center. Lammasu panel is 8' wide and can be printed in two banner strips. "Gate Arch left" and "Right" are meant to have the gray areas removed and the inner section under the arch folded 90° to create the inner walls of the arch. "Gate Arch Only" could be used as a stand alone graphic, or could be cut out and work as a flat entrance through. It could also be printed on two banner strips and create a back-side to the gate if desired.  "Lion Panels" are a bonus to the stage design suite, and can be used in other places in the VBS set.

The "Gate Only" set includes the graphics for the Towers and the Gate, and does not include the relief figures of Nebuchadnezzar, Noble, Lamassu or Lion Wall Panels.

The "Relief Panels Only" set includes Nebuchadnezzar, Noble, Lion Wall and Lammasu panels, but does not include any of the gate graphics.

PLEASE NOTE! It is highly recommended that you have access to a wide-format printer that prints at least 48" wide to use these graphics. My working method is to print them on paper and then glue them to 4x8' sheets of cardboard from Dixon Container, then cut out the necessary parts and screw them together with 1/2" screws into 1x2" sticks of lumber. You can print them on vinyl at only sources like, but you will be looking at close to $500 to print the gate banners and another $500 to print the Relief panels. Access to a wide-format printer will cut the printing cost of all that in half.

Alternatively, if your group has some skill, you can project these graphics up onto cardboard or plywood sheets and paint, paint, paint.

Gate Arch left sample.jpg
Lammasu sample.jpg
 Lamassu eyes detail

Lamassu eyes detail