Small Ministry HD Subscription


Small Ministry HD Subscription

100.00 every month for 1 year

This Small Ministry license gives the licensee open digital access to my complete and growing collection of HD images. Access will be granted to the licensee to a DropBox folder containing all the images in my collection. New images will automatically be added and notice sent to the subscriber of new images available.

The price is $1,200/year, spread out in $100 monthly installments. The subscription will then automatically renew for the same price unless cancelled within 30 days of renewal. Cancellation before the subscription year is finished will result in a final bill for the total amount still owed, namely, whatever you have not yet paid fof the $1,200.

Why am I doing it this way? The total body of my work is over 250 images and videos, and growing. I need to do this to guard agains someone taking advantage of this situation by purchasing access for one year, only to download everything and cancel after paying only $100 for the whole thing.

While under license, the user may use the images in presentations, create digital products for sale such as DVD sermons, upload the images as part of a presentation to social media and video outlets. HD images may be used in digital advertising and promotion, for blogs, online advertising, social media posts…

This license is not intended for evangelism handbill/flier use. Images in this license are for digital media only, and not print media.

For print media use, please see my Small Ministry Print License

If the user chooses to cancel the subscription, all images in posession of the customer revert back to presentation use only as far as licensing is concerned. Items already produced (such as DVD’s burned or sermons recorded) may still be distributed until product depletes, but new items or projects wishing to use the images beyond live, non-streaming “PowerPoint” usage will require additional licensing. Videos or images already posted will be grandfathered in and can remain online or on broadcast, but new productions using the images will require additional licensing or subscription renewal.

Images and this license are non-transferable.

This is a Small Ministry license, intended for very small ministries and pastors/evangelists who do not have the backing of a media company or donor base. This is not intended for television-based or denomination-backed ministries. Such entities can contact me for appropriately priced licensing.

The images themselves may not be resold or sub-licensed.