Small Ministry Online License


Small Ministry Online License


This license will allow your small ministry to use the images in my ProphecyArt collections as part of online evangelistic efforts. You must purchase this license if you intend to show any of the images online in any form. Please read the license information pertaining to this purchase: Purchase of this license will only get you a downloadable .pdf document stating the same information listed below. Purchase will attach the license to your account so you are in compliance with the agreement. Purchase of the license means you fully agree with and intend to comply with the license agreement.

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Presentation Collection and Video Clips
Personal Usage and Single Church / Small Ministry Archive and Online Streaming License

The Legalese-ish version:

The purchaser of this license is allowed to store and stream sermons and lectures online (personal and ministry websites, Youtube, blogs,  Facebook pages and the like) that utilize the images and videos from the ProphecyArt collections, with no time limit applied to such storage and streaming.

This license is intended for use in single churches and small ministries where the user has no intention to make significant income from the lectures or sermons using these images and videos. Please contact me if you wish to purchase additional licensing if you intend to make products for sale using my artwork.

This license also allows the bearer to create physical media such as DVD’s MP3’s on flash drives, etc. for FREE or low-cost distribution if using my illustration and video products. This license does NOT give the licensee the right to use my artwork in any packaging, covers, inside illustrations, brochures, pamphlets, or any other printed materials. Separate licensing is available on my site for such usage.

This license in non-transferable and does not give the bearer right to redistribute my work.

The Steve-ish version:

Ok, so you want to put your sermon you just preached, or perhaps a series - online, for the world to see. You are not trying to make serious money, just share the gospel. I get it. We need to get off this rock, and this is one way you are doing your part to try to speed that up.

Purchasing this license gives you the right to do just that, without worrying about it anymore. I the artist get a little boost to help me pay the rent and think up new images you can use down the road, and so long as it is part of my ProphecyArt brand, this license will cover those as well.  All of the images and videos in the collections available here at my site are covered by this license.

Here’s the “but…”

This is really intended for small churches and personal ministries, not media ministries with donors and broadcast licenses and “Speaker Directors” and not-for-profit status. I am eager to speak with you about licensing for you ministry as well, but this is not the license for you.